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Alien Finger Puppet Hand Vapor Bubbler and Dome Holder Collaboration by Joe Peters, Robert Mickelsen, and Elbo

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$9,000.00 USD
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$9,000.00 USD

Like the "Sticky Fingers" collab, the "Alien Finger Puppet Hand" mega collab came about in 2013. This piece features an alien holding up an enormous Robert Mickelsen hand with three alien themed finger puppet domes. A fourth finger puppet dome sits upon a 14mm joint extending out of the alien blob, and the mouthpiece is located at the top of the pinky finger.

Joe Peters was born in Springfield, Massachusetts and, at a young age, he was very involved with the local art scene. For many years, Joe only experimented with non-functional art until 2012, when he decided to broaden his horizons and begin doing collaborations with many of the artists in the piper community. It was at that time, when he decided to move to Evergreen, Colorado and join the "Everdream Studio" where he currently resides.

Like Joe Peters, Robert Mickelsen was also much into the non-functional art but began making pipes around late 2011. He is very well known for his amazing sculpting of the human figure, and, of course, his "weapons of peace." Elbo also resides at "Everdream Studios," and, like most people know, is very well known for his dino rigs. With all the artist involved, this is truly a mega collaboration.


  • Length: 6.0"
  • Width: 6.0"
  • Height: 12.75"
  • Weight: 1.25 lbs
  • 14mm bushing with 4 14mm domes
  • 3.0" from base to top of 14mm bushing
  • Percolator: 2 hole diffy fixed downstem
  • Colors: Amber tubing with multi colored finger puppets
  • Signed underneath base
  • Accent makrs may vary
  • Dimensions may vary