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Felix Bubbler by Glass Artist Buck

Felix Bubbler by Glass Artist Buck

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Buck's Felix brings the skeletons of man and cat and combines them into this amazing functional bubbler. The stand was created sometime later after the completion of the piece by "Stands By Scooter" and features Buck's name on the base. Felix's head removes to expose the mouthpiece and the 14mm push bowl removes from the skeleton's sternum. The flow of this piece starts at the bowl, into the sternum, around the collar bone, down the back of the spine where it naturally percs in the groin area, and then on up the backbone to the mouthpiece. The piece is entirely Deppe's Darkness with Yellow. Truly an amazing work of art.



  • Length: 6.75"
  • Length with stand: 12.5"
  • Width: 10.5"
  • Width with stand: 12.0"
  • Height: 20.6"
  • Height with stand: 21.0"
  • Height from base to top of the piece with the head removed: 17.0"
  • Distance from base to bowl fitting: 13.5"
  • Bowl bushing: 14mm Push bowl
  • Removable head bushing: 14mm
  • Perculator: Natural Perc
  • Stand included with Buck Logo
  • Bowl stand not included
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