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  • Mobius 65T Stereo Matrix Tube
Mobius 65T Stereo Matrix Tube


Mobius 65T Stereo Matrix Tube

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$580.00 USD
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$580.00 USD

The 65T is the largest size of the stereo matrix tubes standing at 16 inches, and like all the stereos, this baby stacks bubbles all the way up the 65mm can, giving that smooth cool hit when you are smoking the flowers. The awesome stemless design is supported by a unique bridge and accompanied by Mobius's new style 19mm wagon wheel bowl giving that high airflow that packs a big punch. All Mobius products come with an authentic hologram sticker so you can be sure you are getting the real thing and not some knockoff.


  • Length: 6"
  • Width: 5"
  • Height: 16.25"
  • Weight: lbs.
  • Distance from base to joint: 5.35"
  • Joint: 19mm female
  • Bowl Style: 19mm male wagon wheel
  • Downstem: fixed stemless
  • Percolator 1: matrix
  • Percolator 2: matrix
  • Color: clear
  • Logo: blasted Mobius logo, QR sticker of authenticity
  • Splash Guard: bent neck
  • Glass Thickness: 7mm
  • Accent marks may vary
  • Dimensions may vary